Curtains for hospitals


Decoratel Industrias Textiles, following its innovative line has established a specific department for the manufacture of curtains for hospitals. Which positions our company as the main textile manufacturer of hospital curtains in the country.

We are specialists in the series production of curtains specific for the division and separation of beds, using antibacterial and hypoallergenic tissues indicated for use in sanitary installations. Our sanitary curtains are designed to be used in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, reconnaissance rooms, medical consultations, physiotherapy consultations, nursing homes and any stay that requires a division either by sectorization or to preserve the privacy of patients.

All fabrics used in the manufacturing process are selected by our I+D+I department.

Our curtains for hospitals, besides fulfilling their function as curtains for the separation of beds or division of hospital zones, are also designed to offer a long life in perfect conditions in facilities where they are subjected to intensive and continuous use. All this thanks to the antibacterial and hypoallergenic treatment received during their preparation.

One of the main added values ​​of our hospital curtains, which serves as a differentiating element compared to other sanitary curtains, is its manufacture with fabrics of high grammage (greater than 250 g/m2). Together with a generous 200% pick, they make our hospital curtains one of the most durable and durable on the market.

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All fabrics used in the manufacture of our curtains are Curtatex, fabrics certified according to the current prevailing fire safety regulations of the new technical building code. Curtains for hospitals that fully comply with the standards UNE-EN-13795-1 and prEN 13795-3, which, in addition to being fully hygienic sanitary curtains, are an excellent barrier against liquid agents so common in hospital settings.

We also have curtains in disposable format, single use curtains for emergency rooms, operating rooms and pits. They provide an extra cleaning in all the dependencies in which they are installed.

Curtatex Curtains for Hospitals

Curtatex hospital curtains are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
All Curtatex hospital curtains are custom-made and custom-made, so that they perfectly fit any need in the hospital or clinic.

We offer the possibility to our clients to completely customize their hospital curtains, adding the curled top, a wide range of colors or any measure required by each particular installation.

At Decoratel Industrias Textiles we aim to provide a comprehensive service to our customers, a textile solution that encompasses all the supply and assembly of curtains, so we supply the rail systems required for each curtain.

We have straight and curved hospital curtain rails, since we manufacture aluminum rails that adapt to all types of shapes and sizes, with manual systems, using cotton cords or even polyester rods.

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