Curtains for separation of beds



Decoratel Industrias Textiles manufactures and markets a wide catalog of curtains for separation of beds and stretchers, in which you will find the best solution of privacy and sectorization of the stays of your hospital complex.

This system of separation of beds is the most efficient and optimized form of the moment, thanks to the sectorization with curtains it is possible at all times to avoid feeling overwhelmed for patients and it is possible to structure a solution according to the requirements of the project.

Like our hospital curtains, all our bedding curtains are certified under strict quality controls carried out by independent laboratories accredited by the ENAC. These certificates guarantee the correct behavior of the same in case of fire, evaluating factors such as the spread of smoke or the toxicity thereof.

Ofertas y promociones en cortinas para hospitales
Ofertas y promociones en cortinas para hospitales

All fabrics used in the manufacture of our curtains are Curtatex, fabrics certified according to the current prevailing fire safety regulations of the new technical building code. Curtains for hospitals that fully comply with the standards UNE-EN-13795-1 and prEN 13795-3, which, in addition to being fully hygienic sanitary curtains, are an excellent barrier against liquid agents so common in hospital settings.

We also have curtains in disposable format, single use curtains for emergency rooms, operating rooms and pits. They provide an extra cleaning in all the dependencies in which they are installed.