Safety regulations on hospital curtains

Safety regulations hospital curtains

Decoratel Industrias Textiles, certifies each and every one of its products, strictly and rigorously complying with the European and National standards of fire safety. By providing each facility with the corresponding official certificates required and required by the different competent authorities and administrations.

These standards establish the standards that sanitary textiles must meet in public and private facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health centers.

In this way, it guarantees not only a product of the highest quality, but also complies with all the technical specifications required by the different national regulations such as NBE.CPI-96 or Euroclase 2000. In addition, , New Class A certificates are also provided, in which different parameters such as density, drip and smoke toxicity are tested and analyzed, among others.

In this way we guarantee that all our fabrics are tested and endorsed by official laboratories duly homologated by the ENAC and certifying their different degrees of ignition, soundproofing, smoke density, combustion, toxicity and other duly accredited safety parameters. Thus obtaining for each installation, certificate and test sheets in accordance with current legislation.

Do not hesitate to consult our technical advisory department should you have any questions. These are in constant update of the new regulations that are applied and in continuous contact with the different competent authorities, being promptly informed of the different rules or recommendations of application in each geographical point, depending on the use and activity to be developed by each installation.